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czar wallet, fine leather, wallet, leather, slim, compact wallet, czar, cezar, cesar
czar wallet, cezar, leather, fine leather, czar, italian leather, fine wallet, wallet, slim
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Leather Products
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We specialize in leather

Graphic design

The core of any proyect : Art and Logic

Creative thinking

Simplify everyday tools; making them elegant and colourful


Be a positive and constant change

Art and Logic

The magic of creating something simple and beautiful

Think tank

Great team develops great ideas

Send Love

The fuel of everyday

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We have over 5 years of experience

How do we do it?

  • Research

  • Concept

  • Design

  • Develop

  • Test

We are a group of friends driven to create new ideas, helping the community and the environment we live in.

On a sunny day with the waste of leather of a factory, we started to create useful productos for us.

Happy with the creations, we decided to invite more friends to the project and transform leather items into an elegant and colourful solution.

We are proud to create simple ideas that are useful
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